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Boillat Les Bois | BLB
A Brand that belongs to you

Est. Switzerland 1923

“Because it is Swiss-made, thus it has a legendary craftsmanship”

BLB offers over 90 years of Swiss lineage, inheriting and perpetuating the Swiss watchmaking spirit. Our products undergo rigorous precision and technical testing, ensuring these are cutting-edge, high-quality watches. This is the symbol of Swiss watchmaking. It is also a guarantee that BLB watches are made with sophisticated technology, traditional craftsmanship and a commitment to high quality.


“Because of the ever-changing fashionable trends,
we keep the design simple and elegant”

The design of BLB follows today's world class fashionable trend, and here we strongly believe that the more world's trends have become ever-changing, the more simple natural design of the watches style they should become, the result is to greatly satisfy the demand of the youth in any condition and occasion. They can wear the BLB watch whenever, wherever they are.


“By achieving uniqueness, we are brave to try”

BLB deeply believes everyone has their own characteristics and potential, the most elite group of a human kind are those who brave to put away the secular traditions in today's fast changing world, and willing to pursue the way of uniqueness and superior. The design in BLB watches collection always follows its own color pattern and industrial standard, the collections are light weight and elegant as well as it gives people energy.